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Term papers, essays, & other examples are all over this site! 
How do I find one that will help ME?

Finding a research paper to help YOU with YOUR topic is NOT difficult at all! First, try our keyword search feature. Enter a short word or set of words that relate directly to your term paper topic in the 'search' box above and then wait a few seconds for a response from the system. If the resulting list of research papers doesn't include anything you believe would be useful to you in writing your own report, choose a category from the "Get A Paper Here" menu near the top of any screen. Once you find a research paper of interest, email us for a free, one page excerpt OR click "Send Me This Paper" to order and receive it today! If you cannot find anything on your topic, Get A Paper by selecting the "Custom Papers" option instead... 

How can I Get A Paper from this site?
There are several different ways to receive the paper you order! We provide research paper services via email, fax, and Federal Express (or any combination of these three!) Just complete our handy, online order form and select your preferred method of delivery. Orders for papers to be sent via email or fax are processed faster than those to be sent via Federal Express but all requests ARE fulfilled the SAME DAY you order!

What's the difference between 'custom research' and 'papers on-file'?
Simple! Any of the 20,000+ research papers listed on this site are obviously "on-file" already. They sell for only $9.95 per page and are sent to you the same day you order them. In contrast, customized research is where YOU give US specific instructions to create a NEW term paper example within a 1-4 day timeframe agreed upon when you place your order (the timeframe is up to you!) Customized research is $19.95 per page and comes with a free bibliography. ALL papers are the intellectual property of The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc. and are sold as research, information, and examples-- to assist students  in completing their own term papers.

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